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Milk Bag for Door | Thermal Insulated and Cooler Bag | Size 10" Inch-Blue

Milk Bag for Door | Thermal Insulated and Cooler Bag | Size 10" Inch-Blue

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Upgrade to the Stonkar Insulated Milk Bag from leading delivery bag manufacturer, for home storage solutions. Designed to keep perishables fresh and organized, this multi-purpose storage bag is perfect for milk sachets, bottles, groceries, and other perishable items. Ideal for homes in India, our milk storage bag for door is a must-have.

Key Features:

  1. High-Grade Polyester Material: Crafted with premium polyester, our Milk Bag ensures durability and longevity. This fabric withstands daily use and resists wear and tear, making it an excellent milk sachet holder for door use.

  2. Nylon Thread Stitching: Reinforced with strong nylon thread, the bag boasts superior stitching for enhanced strength and reliability.

  3. Secure Locking System: Equipped with a robust locking system, this insulated milk bag attaches easily to your door or window, keeping items safe and accessible while freeing up counter space.

  4. Gel Pouch for Temperature Maintenance: Includes a gel pouch to maintain stable temperatures inside, keeping milk and perishables cool and fresh.

  5. Four-Way Thermal Insulation: Advanced insulation provides excellent temperature control, ensuring items stay at the desired temperature.

  6. Usage Instructions: Attach the bag to your door or window with the locking system, place items inside, and insert the gel pouch. Enjoy fresh milk and perishables right at your fingertips.

Experience functionality and convenience with our Milk Bag for Door. Keep perishables fresh, organized, and accessible with this innovative storage solution, perfect as a door organizer for milk and groceries.

Height: 10" Inch
Depth: 10" Inch
Width: 4" Inch

Color: Light Blue

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Made in India: Proudly made in India, our bags are crafted with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. By supporting local manufacturing, you contribute to the growth of our nation’s economy.

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